Welcome to the Fated Universe and new series, Domestic Daddies! In the Fated Universe, humans and shifters coexist in a world similar to our own. This series has fated mates, but no mpreg or harem.

His fated mate’s raising another shifter's child, but that won't keep him from claiming what's his...

Loyal believes he’ll never have a family of his own. Why? He’s a lone, infertile wolf shifter.

When a unique client answers his ad for Loyal Housekeeping—Loyal’s one-man cleaning service—that belief's put to the test.

Simon Sterling is looking to hire Loyal for a simple job: live in his house for two weeks, and tend to his daughter Marlene, and the housework.

If Simon’s business venture is successful, Loyal will have more cash than he knows what to do with…

But more than money, Loyal wants Simon. He knows they're destined to be together. With a guarded heart, a two-year-old underfoot, and a business on the verge of success, the last thing on Simon's mind is love... Not one to give up easily, Loyal's determined to change his mind.

For the next two weeks, they’ll be stuck together. With nowhere to hide, they cannot escape the heat burning between them.

Loyal will do anything to prove he’s the right man to take care of Simon and Marlene forever... Even if it means getting his hands dirty with the housework.





Shared by Four is a new series that takes off where Black Magic left off... Meet the first group of heroes sent to protect Earth from Jarris' evil plan and their very human mate. (I have a feeling you'll recognize a few of them!)

A Fated Mate… or Four.

Aries Ambrosius doesn't have time for love like his fictional characters do. 

As a best-selling romance author, he's too busy chasing deadlines—not tail. But even if he did, his reputation as an angel of death keep most gorgeous guys he meets at arm's length. 

When four mysterious alphas resistant to his deadly touch move into the abandoned lot next door, Aries gets distracted by more than just their pretty faces, perfectly sculpted bodies, steamy kisses, and delicious muscles.

Turns out, his eye-candy have a few magical secrets that will change Aries' life forevermore. Caught between evildoers who seek to enslave humanity and the heroes sent to protect mankind, Aries may not live to meet his next deadline. 

The stakes have never been higher for a mortal like Aries. Then he falls for each of his new bodyguards and discovers he's an integral part of saving the world. 

With danger closing in on them, the five men must face their fates and defeat the odds, or risk losing what they desire most: each other.



  • Xya Olsen

Updated: Mar 10, 2020


Some rules are made to be broken. My name is Lucian Luck—but don’t let it fool you. Fortune rarely smiles upon me. I’ve survived my hard-knock existence by the skin of my teeth. When a mistake puts me at death’s door, I’m spirited away to Nitehelm’s Wilderness Academy for shifters.

The Wilds are a carnal place and the academy is no exception. Divided into four houses, the students make the rules—and here, only the strong survive. I can’t tell if starting over in this strange world is a blessing or a curse. Yet when three powerful, handsome men from rival houses get their hands on me, I feel my luck start to change. There’s only one problem: dating between houses is forbidden. Saber, Renard, and Tiberius are hotter than I can handle, and when we collide, rules are broken and sparks fly. Each of them wants a piece of me, and I’m more than happy to share. But their companionship—and devotion—puts a target on my back. What’s worse, I learn my mortal life was a lie—and unsurprisingly, the truth isn’t any better. There’s a monster inside of me, and if I don’t learn how to control it, I can kiss my men and my new life goodbye. Initiation (My Harem Academia, #1) releases May 5th, 2020.

First off, I am so excited to introduce the first novella in my new series, My Harem Academia! We return to Nitehelm and the Wilds to explore the Wilderness Academy for shifters. The novellas will follow Lucien Luck and his three mates as they navigate danger and their forbidden desires.

Nitehelm is such a big world - and I can't wait to share more of it with you! Thank you so much for your support.

- XO