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Magic of Dragon


Marik Nix is Oracle's latest victim.

OA has invited him to their elite school, and he cannot refuse. Soon, he’s transported to the academy where he’ll spend four years at the mercy of strict professors, dangerous trials, and nefarious bullies. Worse yet, the Overseers have handed Marik a prophecy he must fulfill before graduation… and die trying.

That’s right… At OA, prophecies are never wrong, and Marik’s claims he’s soon-to-be Oracle’s most powerful dead wizard.


Too bad he doesn’t want to die.

But surviving and changing his fate will take a miracle. When he is asked to summon a Familiar—a creature to channel his magic—three powerful, handsome shifters answer Marik’s call.

Howl, the charming werewolf. Ozric, the passionate, courageous dragon. And Evarius, the sweet, protective bear. The three shifters may just hold the key to changing Marik’s fate… and stealing his heart. But to unlock his power, Marik must form bonds with each of them—starting with the dragon.

If Ozric’s searing flames don’t snuff him out, the prophecy, trials, and bullies just might.

Magic of Wolf.jpg

Magic of Wolf


Marik Nix survived his first year at Oracle, but things are about to get wild...

Back at Oracle Academy, Marik is woefully unprepared for the trials and tribulations he will endure during his second year. With three elements left to master, new classes to attend, the Trial of Earth, and his prophecy to worry about, Marik's hands are full. But the three sexy, protective shifters by his side will do anything it takes to help him beat the odds... Even if it costs them their lives.

When Professor Seerix foresees Marik's death during his first Clairvoyance lesson, another unordinary year at Oracle Academy begins with an ominous bang. To make matters worse, Marik is haunted by ghostly voices no one else can hear and dreams of something sinister underground... And then the unthinkable happens.

This year, Marik will face treacherous obstacles, death itself, and contend with his own wild magic; but with the love and help of Howl, Evarius, and Ozric, he might make it out alive